Things that inspire me

Delving deep into the folk art of my motherland right now, finding inspiration for a personal project. There is a lot to draw from! Kurbits, for instance. This ornamental style from the 1700’s was made famous by the Dalekarlia horse (top), but was commonly painted on furniture and household object and also extended into textile design and embroidery.

You can buy your own Dalekarlia horse and that cute little baby hat
from the amazing online store Swedishness.

Additional photos from:
Bottom left – I dalarna
Bottom right – Colourful Mrs M

I’ve been following the work of Ohio based designer Mikey Burton for quite some time now, and his work never fails to impress me. Simple, colourful, clever and beautifully crafted.

Also, he has a tumblr collection of cool looking bears: Beasts of Burton

This short film from American restaurant chain Chipotle beautifully captures their vision for a sustainable food system. I love everything about this, the art style, the Willie Nelson cover of The Scientist and the sentiment.

There’s also a behind-the-scenes video on creator Johnny Kelly's vimeo page that gives a real insight into how this film was made. Lovely!

And if you like that song – buy it from iTunes. Proceeds go to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.


Olle Eksell is a design legend in Sweden and one of my personal favourites. There is a lovely retrospective book over his designs available at amazon. Highly recommended!

Ever since Where the Wild Things Are, the movie came out I’ve seen an upswing in that particular style of handdrawn lettering. Some great uses of this type in the projects above.

Where the Wild Things Are
Great interview with Corey Holms, one of the guys behind the typeface for the movie over at Lettercult.

Always Remember
Clever and well-designed series of more or less useful modern pieces of advice. From wise idea.

Chester Zoo
Great re-design of the identity for one of the most popular zoos in the UK. Nice overview and review over at Brand New.

Doing research on a pirate themed design this weekend and found these awesome variations on the classic jolly roger flag. How terrifying are those pierced hearts? And how weirdly cute is that British submarine Jolly Roger? Images from Wikipedia.

Just as spring came to Vancouver, I found myself the perfect pair of rain boots. Not the most seasonal appropriate buy, maybe, but I am very much looking forward to my Rein or Shine boots to arrive from modcloth – one of my favourite online stores. They don’t only have a great, vintage inspired approach and carry a great selection of brands, but they also make the shopping experience very fun. For instance, my rain boot purchase led me to browse such collections as Prints Charming and Owls. Which led me to put that bunny print dress and the Nümph pom-pom scarf to my wishlist.

The Curious Explorers Illustrated Pocket Companion to Exotic Animals A-Z, is a lovely book from the talented Australian Illustrator Marc Martins. Very Charley Harper! I also love his interpretation of the Birds of Paradise – it puts an instant smile on my face to remember their hilarious courtship dance from Planet Earth.
Buy the book or fine art prints of the illustrations in Marc’s shop.

Some excellent work in this collection of posters inspired by classic novels: Required Reading from Gallery 1988

Monki is a Swedish store concept and fashion brand created by the founders of Cheap Monday. I love their concept, unique visual identity and indie fashion. The story of the Monki world is told through the store designs, lovely promotional videos and a quarterly print magazine. The art director and illustrator behind the Monki visuals is Marisa Fjärem.